"You, sir, have now paid our last two ground payments on our caravan £1500 & left me with £240 extra betting money + a nice Chinese meal this evening"
- Kevin D

For the past 10 years, Nick Pullen has been making money from betting AGAINST the Crowd

In 2018 he delivered profits of £1,073.00 from just £10 stakes

"Nick, I'll never get bored of writing these winning stories.... Sutter County 12/1 winner, Alpha Delphini 16/1 placed, Watchable 33/1 placed...."
- Eric J

"Two £10 wins and £10 win double paid £1,780. Fantastic value and a huge THANKS from a very happy long-term subscriber."
- Ken B

"Your service has been consistently outstanding ever since I have been a member."
- Thomas

Now we'd like to offer you a three-month risk-free trial to see how much he could make you!

Dear horse racing bettor,

My name is Dave Gibson, I've been publishing betting information since 1998. So, what I'm about to say might surprise you.

....I really DISLIKE tipping services.

Seriously. There is so much rubbish out there. Tipsters who are over-priced, over-hyped and don't deliver what they promise.

No doubt you've tried a few in your time. You'll know that most run out of steam (and profit) after a few months. And those are the good ones where you get what you pay for.

Even services that DO deliver results often require you to place unrealistically high stakes to get enough profit to cover the membership fee.

This is why, in almost 20 years, I've rejected HUNDREDS of tipsters and only published a handful of betting experts.

I'm an old-fashioned publisher who likes to take his time and find experts that I can build a relationship with, unlike many of the modern tipster platforms who seem to be in a race to see how many different tipsters they can list.

I've been publishing Nick Pullen's horse racing advice since 2007.

Delivering winners at 14/1.... 16/1.... 25/1.... and 33/1, and Each Way profits at prices like 20/1, 25/1 and 50/1.

In 2018 members finished up 107.30 points - a 32% return on investment.

  • At £10 Stakes you'd have made £1,073.00

  • At £25 Stakes you'd have made £2,682.50

  • And at £50 Stakes you could have made £5,365.00

Imagine that extra money for just five minutes work per week.

You could pay off a loan, reduce your mortgage, splash out on a holiday or a new car.... it's up to you.

And this is the beauty of Nick's strategy.... he won't make you pay silly money that ends up eating into your profits. You don’t need unlikely winning streaks or to risk big sums to come out with money in your pocket.

This is why Nick regularly gets comments like this....


"Fantastic Picks"

"You truly are worth following"

"Best service out there!"

I have customers who've been with Nick since the start 10 years ago. And that's a long time for any sports betting tipster.

Most tipsters end up fire-fighting constant complaints, going into hiding or starting up again with fake names!

But with Nick we get emails from customers week after week, month after month.

Here are some recent ones....

"I usually back your selections £20 - £30 each way....and since being a member have had a good return. Fascinating service and always worth an investment."
- David G

"Superb service and makes you as a punter think about your approach to racing. Always looking for value and not following the crowd."
- Ken B

"Thank you for Saturday's tips. Backed them all and turned a near £500 profit!"
- Adam G

"Done it again, well done Nick. Two EW Wins & EW double. Price boot with Ladbrokes. £10 EW @10/1 & 14/1. A £5 EW double 11/1 & 16/1. Payout £1493."
- Paul T

"My 3 month is up soon with plus 50 points profit achieved, well done!"
- Mike L

"Fan blooming tastic Another 3 month subscription paid for 10 times over Brilliant Stuff"
- Joe L

So, if you’d also like to make a consistent return from betting, without big gambles or chasing losses, then today I’d like to offer you a risk-free three-month trial of Nick Pullen’s Against the Crowd service.

You'll get his daily emails, access to a password protected website and a UK customer service team, just a phone call away.

You can test Nick's advice out on paper, or with a small amount of stake money, and see the results with your own eyes. If you don’t want to continue after three months you'll get a FULL REFUND of all membership fees paid.

That's over 90 days to test him out, without commitment.

Yes! I'd like to road-test Nick Pullen's racing tips >>

Or if you'd like to know more about his approach to betting, let me explain....

How to profit by betting AGAINST the Crowd

A lot of people think Nick is a little 'round the twist.'

This is because he CHOOSES to bet in the toughest races on the programme.... the ones where most people think the BOOKIE has the advantage.

For instance, his favourite races are those big-field valuable handicaps.

Most punters and tipsters run a mile from that type of bet. Handicaps are considered something of a lottery. Big fields of well-matched horses, all with similar ability, belting round a track present an impenetrable puzzle for most punters.

Many will tell you that the outcome is down to luck. You may as well burn your money before the race begins.

This is why big handicaps are seen by many as 'benefit races' - races run purely for the benefit of the bookmaker....

But Nick is not like most punters.

He's been in the betting game for over 25 years. He used to work for a bookmaker and he's been publishing live recommendations through Oxfordshire Press for TEN YEARS.

There is very little he doesn't know about the industry.

Nick understands that if the handicaps are hard races to call for punters, they are also difficult for the bookmaker to predict.

In handicaps where fields of 16 to 27 horses might be going to post, there are plenty of opportunities for the bookie to get something wrong.... overlook a horse.... underestimate another one.... over-estimate another.... to go to market with prices that aren't quite right....

This is where Nick makes his money.... slowly and steadily.... by finding value when the bookmaker makes mistakes.... when they offer the wrong price.... a price that underestimates a horse's true chances of winning a race....

Remember, the bookmaker is not infallible. Odds compilers are human beings. Real people with opinions and thoughts, bias and emotion, bad moods and off-days.

They get it wrong most frequently in the races which are hardest to solve. This is why Nick goes against the crowd and taps into the big handicaps.

After all....

- What's the point in looking at a 7-runner conditions event where one of the first two in the market wins 6 and a half times out of ten?

- What's the point in looking at a 5-runner novice chase where the long odds-on shot is head and shoulders above the opposition in terms of class - where you've got to hope he falls to get him beaten?

- What's the point in playing in races where the small-field ensures the prices are so tight there's hardly any value to be found in any one single runner?

Instead, you should ignore the crowd and seek out VALUE bets where few others dare to go.... And that's where Against the Crowd comes in.

The secrets of CONTRARIAN betting

Nick worked in the betting industry when he was younger. But he never really liked being part of the system. So, when he got out, he started writing and distributing a daily racing advisory.

It was a privately circulated email to friends and ex-colleagues. People began forwarding it to their friends and his reputation grew.

That's when I got in touch with him.

I loved the fact that he was different, outspoken and not greedy to sell his advice at the highest price. He just wanted to get it right and offer value. He knew his own mind.

So, in the summer of 2007 I started publishing Nick's advice and I have been his only publisher ever since.

His advice has evolved into Against the Crowd.

The title says it all....

Nick is what you'd call a contrarian. Someone who "opposes or rejects popular opinion".

If every Tom, Dick and Harry in the bookies, on the TV, or in the racing press are saying a favourite 'can't get beat' - then Nick looks for reasons to suggest that favourite COULD GET BEAT....

This is not out of a bloody-mindedness (although that comes with the territory), but a belief that the rest of the field could be undervalued or underrated.

Their odds will often be increased by the sheer weight of money going on the favourite.... the snowball effect of everyone jumping on the next 'sure thing'....

Ultimately, Nick deliberately goes against the crowd because in the long run, it pays to do so....

Look at the prices of his winners in 2018....

  • Thyestes Handicap Chase, Gowran Park - MONBERG NOTORIOUS @ 10/1

  • Coral Cup, Cheltenham - BLEU BERRY @ 33/1

  • Pertemps Network Final Handicap, Cheltenham - DELTA WORK @ 12/1

  • Grand Annual, Cheltenham - LE PREZIEN @ 12/1

  • Staying Chase Series Final, Haydock - POTTERS LEGEND @ 7/1

  • Topham Chase, Aintree - ULTRAGOLD @ 20/1

  • Spring Lodge Stakes, Newmarket - OASIS CHARM @ 11/1

  • Matchbook Handicap, Goodwood - TAUREAN STAR @ 10/1

  • Investec Click & Invest Mile Handicap, Epsom - MEDBURN DREAM @ 5/1

  • Ascot Stakes, Royal Ascot - LAGOSTOVEGAS @ 10/1

  • Sandringham Stakes, Royal Ascot - AGROTERA @ 14/1

  • Bunbury Cup, Newmarket - BURNT SUGAR @ 25/1

  • Skybet Handicap, York Ebor - TITUS @ 20/1

  • Challenge Cup, Ascot - RAISING SAND @ 12/1

  • BetVictor Gold Cup, Cheltenham - BARON ALCO @ 11/1

Join Against the Crowd and reap the rewards from big price horses that few others are supporting.

Here's an example....


How this Grand National Winner was sorely underestimated....

When Nick thinks the market has got something badly wrong, he doesn't hesitate to wade in and capitalize.

On the 6th April 2013 at the Grand National, Aintree, Aurora's Encore was advised at prices up to 100/1.

Nick thought the market had got the price about AURORA’S ENCORE totally wrong.

For the Grand National you need a horse that can travel, jump and stay on at the end on spring ground. His take on Sue Smith's horse was that he could do just that.

Aurora's Encore had proved it a year earlier at Ayr in the Scottish Grand National where he'd finished 2nd, staying on well at the last and only headed by the winner (race-specialist Merigo) right at the death.

Now at Aintree he was trading at prices up to four times bigger. As Nick told his followers, the market was underestimating him.

On the day, the horse travelled superbly and put in a cracking round of jumping to win the prize at his massive price - delivering a bumper payday for followers of Against the Crowd.

And here's another example....


The devil in the detail finds a second-stringer winner at 33s....

Max Dynamite was the fancied Willie Mullins-trained horse for the 2018 renewal of the Coral Cup at the Cheltenham Festival....

So much so, the market backed the 8yo into joint-favouritism at 8/1 by the off....

BLEU BERRY, another runner saddled by Willie Mullins, was almost completely unfancied....

The bookies had trimmed him into 20s by the time the tapes went up, but in the hours leading up to the race he was easy to back at the 33s Nick had advised 24-hours earlier....

Bleu Berry was so far off the radar at the time that Oddschecker – the price comparison website - hadn't even included the horse in the market....

And he was missing for hours. Nobody noticed. Nobody complained....

Nobody except Nick Pullen. Because Nick Pullen was the only punter out there who wanted to back the horse....

Nick had noted that the previous season when sending out Bleu Berry to compete for his largest pot yet (by some way) at Punchestown, Mullins had stepped the horse up to 2m4f for the first time....

Nick took the view that connections had expected improvement for the extra yardage....

That race didn't pan out. The horse was well beaten - possibly because of better ground. Most of his racing had been done on testing surfaces. But the details of the Mullins move had been logged....

Ahead of the 2018 Coral Cup, Bleu Berry had appeared just once - dropping back to 2-miles. He hadn't produced. He had maybe needed the run off a 281-day break....

Nick ignored that performance. He was more interested in the fact that the horse was stepping back up in trip for just the second time at Cheltenham – this time on ground with cut. The Mullins plan hadn't come off at Punchestown. This looked like another crack of the same whip....

So it proved. Bleu Berry made relentless ground up the straight and prevailed by a neck - producing a big return for Against the Crowd followers....

And this is what Nick's service is all about....

Going against the favourites is the only way to make money from the horses, long term

And it's not just our opinion - the numbers back this up, too....

  • If you'd backed every outright favourite in class 1 races run over hurdles and fences since the 2002/2003 season you'd have lost money across the entire 15-year period

  • In total you'd have placed 1,681 bets. Yes, you would have found 595 winners at an impressive strike rate of 35.3%. But you’d have lost money

  • You'd have lost 109.5 betting points to be exact - or £2,190.00 to level stakes of £20.00*

It is a similar story betting favourites in Pattern races run on the flat.

Backing every outright favourite in British, Irish and French Group races run since 2002 would have seen you back 1,615 winners from 4,546 bets. Once again, that's an attractive enough winning strike rate of 35.5%. **

But at short prices a big strike rate does not translate to betting profit. Had you backed all those Group race favourites to win their respective races at level stakes you'd now be sitting on an overall betting loss of 521 points.

Betting to level stakes of £20.00 that loss totals £10,420.00.

* Figures based on official SP in races from the start of 2002 to November 2017

** Figures based on official SP in races from the start of 2002 to November 2017

Forget strike rates - here's how to make money consistently

Favourites in British, Irish and French Group races have not delivered a level stakes betting profit in any of the last 16 years.

Betting favourites in big races on the flat or over the jumps DOES NOT pay. You back plenty of winners. You get to look good heading off to the pay-out window at the bookies 35% of the time. But where it really matters - on the bottom-line - a fav-backing strategy loses money hand-over-fist year on year.

Getting in front is not just about backing winners. It's about getting the right kinds of winners.

Finding winners is easy. Just back the favourite and you'll have a strike rate between 30% and 40%. Making it pay is the hard part.

To get ahead over the long term you need to be backing sufficient winners at sufficiently good prices....

That's where Nick's Against the Crowd service is so good.

You'll discover that 20/1, 40/1 and 100/1 shots really do win....

Here's another example....


Spotting the right moment - and going in at a price....

In the big handicaps, Nick often says that it's all about spotting the right moment for a horse - and getting on at a nice price....

BURNT SUGAR in the Bunbury Cup at Newmarket on Saturday 14th July 2018 was just such an instance....

Nick took the view that everything had come together for Burnt Sugar ahead of that race....

The horse had already advertised his ability and his well-being in the Victoria Cup at Ascot. He’d done some good late work in that race – the kind of work that suggests a horse’s moment is approaching....

He'd also dropped 6lbs down the rankings - from 103 to 97 - since the start of the season. The handicapper was giving an in-form horse a big chance. A mark of 97 was just 2lbs ahead of the mark the horse had run from when delivering a cracking performance in a Goodwood handicap over 7f the previous September....

And a couple of other things were very much in Burnt Sugar's favour.

First, he was drawn in the high-numbers at Newmarket - where all the pace was. That was perfect for a horse that would want to be coming late and picking off the early speed....

Second, Paul Hanagan had been booked to ride. He'd ridden the horse just once before - and the horse had run a big race for him at Thirsk. This looked like a rinse and repeat job – in a race Hanagan had won before....

Put all that together and the 25s on the Friday before racing looked like a steal of a price....

That's the view Nick took - and it turned out to be the right view with Burnt Sugar bursting through late to win....

Here are some more of those big-price Contrarian picks that Nick’s members have enjoyed over the years, taking on the favourites at every opportunity....

  • LEVITATE @ Doncaster 2013 - WON @ 40/1

  • AURORA’S ENCORE @ Aintree 2013 - WON @ 100/1

  • INTRANSIGENT @ Ascot 2014 - WON @ 20/1

  • PINEAU DE RE @ Aintree 2014 - WON @ 33/1

  • COLE HARDEN @ Cheltenham 2015 - WON @ 20/1

  • THUNDER AND ROSES @ Fairyhouse 2015 - WON @ 25/1

  • RUSSE BLANC @ Warwick 2016 - WON @ 25/1

  • BLAKLION @ Cheltenham 2016 - WON @ 10/1

  • BANKSEA @ Newbury 2017 - WON @ 12/1

  • TASLEET @ York 2017 - WON @ 16/1

No wonder the feedback keeps rolling in....

"Hi Nick. Had £25 at 28/1 so well pleased. Keep up the good work."
- Kevin

"I must congratulate you... filled with great information that the common punter doesn't have in his locker. Many thanks."
- John M

"Join the clan (5) Saddlers Encore (9) £2.00@ combination forcast Returned £122 Saddlers Encore £5 to win Returned £32.63 Top man..."
- Allan Courtney

"I put £20 on the nose at 7/1 with skybet. In a nutshell I got a return of £160. Quality choice once again just keep it going."
- David Hughes

"We got 20's on the course with Hills, I made 600 on the day on RB and had a few more £,s on doubles and trebles, my son made a few hundreds as did my wife, a big thanks, keep up the good work."
- David

"You are without doubt the single most useful individual I have had the luck to encounter in all my years of following racing."
- Sean

"Been on board for a few years as a member, over the years tried most things i.e tipsters, ratings etc, but Nick's service is head and shoulders above them all."
- Andy

"Hi, It was the wife's birthday last Saturday, having got £20 ew at 25/1 on Friday with skybet, I was delighted to collect my winnings and take the wifey out for a slap up meal"
- Dave

"First bet… Thunder and Roses, that's paid for many months' subscriptions."
- David

"It's always nice to come home to extra cash!!! Especially £ 292.50 to add to last weeks' £ 75.00 profit from the Lincoln. Keep up the good work!"
- Steve

Get this week's Contrarian bet advice - JOIN NOW for a three-month risk-free trial.


But please understand - this is NOT for everyone....

Every week, Against the Crowd, identifies competitive horses trading at the wrong price.

Nick's view is that betting horses at value-for-money prices (the equivalent of buying a commodity on the cheap) is the most effective way of producing long-term betting profit.

Of course, that's not always the most comfortable place to be. The lone wolf approach to race betting won't appeal to all-comers.

I don't pretend that Nick's approach is the easiest.

Be under no illusions. Get on-board Against the Crowd and you'll back more losers than winners. We don't apologise for it. And we don't expect that to change any time soon. Losing is a natural consequence of playing the contrarian game.

But the rewards are there for fearless punters with a pioneering instinct.

Nick's followers win frequently enough at big enough prices to make the game pay. We have a strong track record and wouldn't have been around for the last 10 years if we hadn't.

The bottom line is: Nick’s Contrarian Picks make money.

Look at this....


Cole Harden highlights the value of the right information....

12th March 2015, World Hurdle, Cheltenham, Cole Harden - advised at 20/1.

COLE HARDEN was what Nick calls an "information bet."

That doesn't mean inside information from the yard. But Nick was in possession of information that the general market was ignorant of and wasn't reflected in the price.

A few weeks before the Festival he was reading a press article about another horse entirely. As a footnote at the bottom of the article there was a small paragraph outlining the fact that Cole Harden had undergone a wind procedure.

Now that was key information. A wind-op might well improve an already good horse who had been struggling on soft winter ground because of a breathing issue. Nick sniffed about and found the story was not widely reported. It was very much under the radar.

The market had the horse in the World Hurdle at 20s. Nick's view was that the price and the sentiment it reflected under-estimated a horse that was likely to improve beyond anything he'd shown before because of the corrective procedure he'd undergone.

He took the price and on the day Cole Harden rewarded Against the Crowd followers by running the field ragged from the front. The wind-op had done the trick and very few people had been aware of it pre-race.

This happens time and time again, to the delight of Against the Crowd's subscribers....

"I am now up £2,512 since Feb and £2,722 since first subscribing."
- John M

"Hi Nick, Had Carole's Destrier at 33/1 (1/4 odds), Otago Trail at 11/1 and Ultragold at 8/1 and even got my money back from bet365 on Fou Et Sage! Excellent day - keep them coming."
- Jamie A

"Great result, up 200 on £7.5 E/W bets. Thanks for a memorable weekend"
- John B

"Nick. Christmas paid for. I backed Otago Trail and Ultragold at 10s and 9s £10 each and £10 win double - and had £5 e/w on Caroles!! Just under £1,200 on the day . Thanks again - brilliant service."
- Ken B

"Well done nick, you are having a great run at the moment. Backed them all individually, never had such a great afternoons racing!! Carole nearly made it as well, what a finish .if that had won as well a £10 treble would have paid out £35,000. Not bad eh, well done again"
- John H

"Brilliant again Nick. An 11/1 winner and a 33/1 shot which almost won. And another winner at 15/2 on the free service. Another very profitable day. That's now 3 winning weeks off the belt. Quite an achievement given the high prices of your selections. Well done!"
- Trevor B

If you’d like to join them, take up a three-month risk-free trial today

Here’s what you’ll get with Against the Crowd

As soon as you join you'll get a daily email from Nick, Monday to Friday, all-year-round – delivering his unique insights, observations, analysis and betting angles.

Every Friday, you'll get his Contrarian Picks for the weekend racing - including his reasons for backing each horse and why he believes the price is value.

Nick doesn't stick to rules or set patterns. He delivers what he thinks will make money that day.

However, you can rely on these consistent features week after week....

The Watch List....

The Watch List is a list of horses that have caught Nick's eye in recent races or for specific reasons. Horses he believes are ready to win.

You'll find it in the members-only area of our website, waiting for you right now.

The Watch List is a component feature of the Against the Crowd day to day service. Nick makes a habit of studying big races in forensic detail – looking beyond the winner and the placed horses. His objective is to pinpoint performances that suggests a horse is nearing the point where it is going to win.

Once he gives you the lowdown, those horses get added to our onsite Watch List - which you can check and monitor at leisure. Nick keeps a keen eye on those horses and the races they are entered in - in the hope of betting them at a big price when the time is right.

Nick's statistical research....

Stats and the historic record form another core component of the Against the Crowd service. Nick maintains datasets going back 20 years and frequently uses these to highlight hidden trends, patterns and themes within the overall record.

As an ongoing part of our five-days-per week coverage he alerts you to potentially profitable betting angles as and when they present themselves.

Nick has had some notable successes with this. For example, earlier this year - when SPEREDEK was highlighted in Nick's daily email as a 25/1 Each Way prospect for that weekend's Clarence House Chase at Ascot. The horse came 2nd for a healthy place payout.

The intelligence and insights that Nick's stats-based research routinely uncovers will give you the edge....


Many racing services will pepper your inbox and mobile phone with 'must-bet' tips, backing mountains of (usually short-price) horses and favourites. That's not the Against the Crowd way.

Nick likes to specialise, focussing on one or two races a week. Mostly the biggest betting heats at the big meetings - the big handicaps and the Grade/Group races where the race shape lends itself to finding value.

And when the big Festivals like Cheltenham are on, the service goes 'daily'.

These are the territories where we go to work. If you are looking for dozens of races/ bets/ horses to back every month, then Against the Crowd isn't for you. Nick's chooses his targets carefully and takes aim with precision....

But come and see for yourself – risk-free. If you're not happy for any reason within your three-month trial, you get your membership fee returned in full.

Click here to put Nick to the test today >>


Capitalizing on the market's wrong-headed opinions....

Handicap events are almost ALWAYS more competitive than the market's prices would have you believe.

Here's an example from the Irish Grand National. 6th April 2015....

At Fairyhouse for the 2015 Irish Grand National, Los Amigos, Empire of Dirt and Perfect Gentleman were the market fancies....

But Nick was looking elsewhere.

Further down the list, THUNDER AND ROSES was trading at a big 25s.

Nick felt that was a value-for-money price about a horse that had been highly-enough thought of to be pitched into novice races at Grade 2 and Listed level.

It had recently won a beginners' chase in a fashion and style that told home he should be well ahead of the mark of 136 he’d be racing off at Fairyhouse.

There was no great science to this bet. Nick simply knew that the horse was likely to be more competitive on the day than his price said the market thought he was.

He took the quote and under Katie Walsh the 7yo loomed up at the final fence and ran on well to land the money.

Job done.

'So how much is this going to cost me?'

Against the Crowd is not like most racing services out there. We don't charge an arm and a leg. And we don't promise you the earth.

Unlike the many 'tipsters' that promise you untold riches 24/7, Nick is realistic.

He won't make you a millionaire. He won’t put a Ferrari on your drive. And he won't give you winners every single weekend.

But long term, Nick's Contrarian Picks are PROVEN to make money. Since the start of 2016 when Against the Crowd was launched, from £20 Each Way stakes, we're in profit to the tune of £4,059.60 (as of January 2018).

So how much will membership to a service delivering these profits cost?

I've seen some racing services charging £50 a week, and others asking for hundreds of pounds a month. Many don't even tell you WHY they're backing a horse. Just a name - that's all you get. No evidence, no proof, no analysis or knowledge.

But at Oxfordshire Press we have a reputation for providing honest, value for money services. With Against the Crowd you get Nick's analysis, opinion and recommendations all with support should you need it.

And you don't need to make high profits all the time to cover the cost.

So, all we're asking is for £20 per month, that's just £4.62 a week. That works out as an annual membership of only £240.

But I want to save you even more money....

Get a 50% discount today

Join today and you can get an entire year's membership for just £117. That's just £2.25 a week. Cheaper than a cup of High Street coffee or a pint of beer.

And not only will you enjoy this 50% discount this year - it's a 'lifetime' offer. As long as you remain a member you will never be asked to pay a penny more than £117 a year.

Secure your place now >>

Or if you prefer, choose the quarterly option which works out at £3.00 per week for full membership, including all of Nick's recommendations and advice.

Proven long term profits....

Nick has been making money for members for 10 years. This year alone his picks are up over 110 points.

These impressive profits come from landing bets like the ones I've mentioned above - backing horses priced at 25/1, 33/1 and even 100/1. At huge odds like those, you don't need to get a winner every week, or even every month. And Nick doesn't.

This is a long term service. That's why we offer you a discounted 12-month membership price. So, you can really put Nick's approach to the test, see it in action.... and most importantly, reap the financial rewards.

The next big payout could come this Saturday. Or it could come six weeks from now. But this much I can say: you need to make sure you're onboard by booking your place today, so that YOU can profit when Nick names the next big winner....

"I like the principle of the service to search out value bets and to win in the long run. It is hard, sometimes, to stick to this principle of searching for value, especially after a few losers but knowing this is the right approach and that the service is dedicated to that certainly is a great help."
- William


Put Against the Crowd to the test for THREE MONTHS....

Our money-back guarantee covers you for your first three months. At any time in your first three months, for whatever reason, you can cancel and we will refund any membership fees you have paid us in full.

No strings. No catch. We want you to feel comfortable joining and testing the service, so we can prove to you how profitable Contrarian betting can be.

And remember what you're getting....

- Daily service, Monday to Friday - with all Nick's latest Contrarian analysis and insights

- Contrarian Picks - Nick's big-value race selections (NEVER backing short-price favourites), every weekend. Picks that have made £4,059.60 profit to £20 Each Way stakes

- PLUS - daily race coverage and Contrarian Picks during the major meetings throughout the year - Cheltenham, Aintree, Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood....

- Instant access to the members-only website. Including all the latest advice and daily emails, plus Nick's Watch List of horses to follow at big prices and all our statistical research & findings

So, come and join us today....

Don't miss the next 33/1 winner!

I can't tell you when the first 8/1.... 16/1.... or 33/1 winner will be.

But they will come. As the examples, member comments and profit figures show, this is a realistic way to make money from racing.

And a three-month test period gives you plenty of time to see this in action for yourself.


As well as Contrarian advice and picks on over 100 races a year, plus daily posts on the members-only website, book your place today and you will also receive:

Free membership to Against the Crowd - EXTRA

This is an additional weekend service where I share my Contrarian bet picks for a big race every Friday afternoon via email.

Against the Crowd - EXTRA is FREE and you can Unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in every email, or by contacting us here.

We respect your privacy and will never pass on your email address or any of your personal details to anyone else.

I really hope you'll join Nick's brilliant service today and discover why he's been so popular with bettors for ten years.

Start your three-month test drive now and never back a favourite or a poor value horse again....


Best wishes,

Dave Gibson

Dave Gibson

Publisher, Against the Crowd

Put Against the Crowd to the test for THREE-MONTHS risk-free >>

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