Why one Brighton forward has got bookmakers running scared this season!

Forget Salah.
Forget Kane.
Forget Aguero.

The most valuable player in the Premier League is Glenn Murray!

(For football bettors, that is...)

Don't believe me? Well, I'll give you until the end of the season to prove me wrong - without risking a penny of your own money!

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Dear football bettor,

I know what you're thinking... Glenn Murray?

How can Brighton's journeyman forward be more valuable than the Premier League’s best strikers...?

But it's true. The evergreen 35-year-old is one of football betting's best kept secrets.

And knowing this fact could be the key to making a decent profit this season from some very smart bets.

We're talking pay-outs of £56, £78 and £102 and even £300 or more each weekend from just 5 minutes at your smartphone or laptop.

Stick with me for a few minutes and I'll show you how to do this.

I'll also show you...

  • A simple betting tool that generated 34% ROI from match bets at this summer's World Cup...

  • The secret of 'alternative' bets that pay out more often and make more money than Home Wins and Match Results...

  • How to pocket £300... £693... £1,200 from a football strategy where you don't need to watch the match...

But first, let me reveal something that most football fans and betting punters don't realise.

Why Brighton's Glenn Murray is worth more than Sergio Aguero...

One of the most popular Premier League bets is 'First Goalscorer'. That is, picking the player to score the first goal in a match of your choice.

Bookies provide specially printed coupons in their shops or these bets offering attractive odds from 2/1 to 66/1.

This is why, every week millions of pounds are punted on the big-name strikers like Mo Salah... Harry Kane... Sergio Aguero... Romelu Lukaku...

And every week £millions of punters' money goes straight down the drain.

Or - more accurately - straight into the bookies' already bulging pockets.

The bookies LOVE these bets!

And here's why...

If you'd put a tenner on Man City's Sergio Aguero to score the First Goal in every match he's started this season...

You would've just about broken even.

If, however, you'd put that same tenner on Brighton's Glenn Murray to score the First Goal in every match he's started...

You would've WON £150!


Simple really. Sergio Aguero has scored the First Goal six times this season, so has Glenn Murray. But bookies are only offering average odds of just 5/2 on Aguero in the First Scorer market - whereas Murray is available at an average of 5/1.

AND YET... every week thousands of bettors plough millions of pounds on the short-price big name. A classic 'bookmakers' bet!

Why you should IGNORE these bookie bets

Every season, bookies fall over themselves to take bets from punters who back Home Wins and big-name favourites.

Tens of millions of pounds will be punted on big-name teams like Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea to win at home. Or goals from top strikers like Mo Salah.

These bets are often hand-picked by the bookmakers...

You see, they WANT you to back Man City to win every game.

They WANT you to back Harry Kane, Mo Salah and Sergio Aguero to score the First Goal every week.

These bets are designed to part impulsive bettors from their cash. They work so well, they splash them all over their shop windows and websites!

This includes ALL celebrity endorsed bets... ALL TV advertised bets... ALL big-priced shop-window offers... ALL specially prepared coupons - in shops or on websites. ALL are purposely designed BY the bookmaker FOR the bookmaker.

These bets will LOSE YOU MONEY.

Think about it for a second... why would a bookmaker go to the trouble and expense of advertising on TV or printing coupons for bets that lost him money?

The answer is - he wouldn't.

Match Result bets are offered at such ridiculously bad odds that it is almost impossible to make them pay. Bookies often make favourites like Man City as short as 1/6 to win the match! That's asking you to risk £6 to win just a pound.

And yet 98% of football bettors fall for these honey trap bets.

What the bookies don't want is informed bettors armed with advice that gives them an edge - on markets likes Goals, Corners, Cards & Bookings and Scorers.

And this is where I come in.

Revealing the little-known football markets the bookies hate you to bet on

My name is Oliver Upstone. I run a service called Across the Leagues.

I've been working with my Publisher, Oxfordshire Press for over 10 years. Researching, writing, learning, betting, studying and analysing football statistics & markets for the last decade... covering everything from the World Cup Final in Russia to a wet Saturday afternoon League Two game at Swindon.

While every man and his dog clamber to back their favourite team or ‘lucky hunch’ in the Home Win & Match Result markets – I dig a little deeper.

Using statistics that most people aren't aware of, and analysis honed over 10+ years in the industry, to identify betting opportunities in markets that most people won't give a second glance to...

You see, the bookies HAVE to offer up more types of bets in lesser-known markets to stay competitive. They have no choice but to offer bets on everything from Time of First Goal to Corner Handicaps to Team with Most Cards.

This is why Bet365 are offering 120 markets for every Premier League game this season.

And why William Hill have over 200 markets per game.

But the last thing they want is punters to actually take advantage of them.

That's why, even with up to 200 different markets on every match, they spend so much money telling you about the bets they want you to place.

And yet these alternative, stats-based markets are where we you can find amazing value - bets that are available at bigger prices than our data & analysis suggests they should be.

Often, backing a team in these markets proves significantly more profitable & reliable than simply backing a team to Win, Lose or Draw.

For example, last season, Arsenal won 50% of their Premier League games - and LOST 11 of their 19 Away games. Yet in the majority of games the Gunners would be favourites to win, often at odds-on prices.

But... bets on the Time of First Goal - 27th Minute or Before paid out in 79% of Arsenal Home games! Providing a reliable stream of Even Money payouts.

Or how about Chelsea? Despite a top five finish, the Blues only won 55% of games, usually at short odds-on prices.

But... backing Chelsea -1 Corner Handicap paid out in 74% of their Home games, a bet regularly available at bigger prices than the Chelsea Win - and proven to pay out more often!

Those are just two examples. There are profitable alternative bets like this for EVERY team. Paying out more often - and usually at better odds - than backing big name teams like Arsenal and Chelsea to win their games.

Cash-in on 'alternative' bets

My Across the Leagues service provides stats for over 100 teams in the Premier League, Football League and Scottish Premiership, across over 50 games a week – for over 30 different betting markets. As well as round by round coverage of the Champions League.

And our members-only website is packed with all the team and player stats you need to pick your own bets every week, too!

The moneymaking opportunity could be in the Total Goals markets... a bet on a team to keep a Clean Sheet... win the Most Corners... a player to be a shown a Yellow Card... or even a 20/1 First Scorer pick on a goal-scoring defender like Nacho Monreal!

If it's there, we'll spot it for you.

There are dozens of ways to win on ALL football matches - let the Across the Leagues stats & analysis guide you, not the bookies!

In these alternative football betting markets you can get 74%, 87% even 90% strike-rates...

I'll even prove it to you by sending you my betting advice from now UNTIL the end of the Premier League season

If you don’t make fantastic profits, you don't have to pay for my service

If you take up a risk-free trial of Across the Leagues today, I’ll give you full access to our stats, advice and tips until 12th May 2019.

If, in that time, you decide it's not for you, I'll refund your joining fee in full.

As a member, I'll show you the football markets that bookies HATE you knowing about... because they prove far more profitable than any of the stuff they splash on their billboards, websites and shop windows.

For instance, bets like Liverpool Away games having Under 3.5 Cards (a real cash cow last season.)

As a result you'll be able to:

  • Follow stats-based bets that provide profitable alternatives to commonplace Match Result 'win lose or draw' bets (and avoid those honey-trap bets that bookies use to stitch up their customers)

  • Easily pocket tax-free payouts at odds of Even Money, 3/1 or 6/1 on a regular basis throughout the season - from the alternative markets that bookies don't want you to know about

  • Get all the information sent direct to you, so you can set these up in just five minutes of spare time - no poring over endless stats or studying form. You don't even need to watch the game or know anything about football to bag the money, just sit back and lets us do all the work for you.

Armed with the betting tools that my website will give you, you'll be in a position to actually MAKE money - unlike the 98% of football bettors who lose money... either because they swallow the bookies' bait, or they bet with their hearts, not their heads.

Here's what some of our members say...

"the work is done for you - I'm well in profit"
- S. Shute

"This site is the best development you have made in all the years I have been a member... Should be a gold mine! Well done"
- Geoff W

"Thank you for offering such an innovative and invaluable service in Across the Leagues"
- Alex

The only profitable way to bet on football, long-term

If you want to make a long-term profit from football betting, you need to look at markets the bookie is NOT shouting about... where they are at their most vulnerable.

...Where there's a chance of swinging the odds to your side, not theirs.

At Across the Leagues we do everything in our power to help you cash in on those markets.

While most punters are drawn to Match Result "win, lose or draw" - style bets, we plunder ALTERNATIVE markets where you have a much greater probability of predicting the outcome.

For instance…

  • Whether they win, lose or draw... certain teams pick-up more Yellow Cards than their opponents

  • Whether they win, lose or draw... certain teams produce Under 10.5 Corners in their matches... or win the Most Corners in the match

  • Whether they win, lose or draw... certain teams produce Over 2.5 Goals in their matches...

These are the sorts of markets where you can really hammer the bookie.


  • Under 3.5 Cards bets paid out in 14 of Liverpool's 19 Away games last season. That's a 74% winning strike rate (and paid out more times than backing Liverpool to win their Away games).

  • That trend has continued this season with 77% (10 out of 13) of Liverpool's Away games going Under 3.5 Cards.

Just think of those times when a shock Match Result ruined your bet. Perhaps the favourite dominated the game as expected, but couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net. Perhaps a referee gave a wrongful penalty. Or there was a fluky goal. Or the star striker went off injured. These sorts of things are really what football's about.

Shocks happen a LOT. They can destroy a win, lose or draw bet in a split second.

But there is far less chance of a fluke score-line upsetting, say, a bet on a game producing Over 10.5 Corners... or Under 2.5 Goals... or a team picking up more Bookings than their opponents...

Look at the FACTS:

So far this season in the Scottish Premiership, bets like these have paid out time and time again. The same teams, delivering in the same markets...

  • 92% - Rangers Home games - First Goal - 27th Minute or Before (11 out of 12)

  • 92% - Kilmarnock Home games - Under 10.5 Corners (11 out of 12)

  • 77% - Aberdeen Home games - Over 3.5 Cards (10 out of 13)

By betting on these proven statistical trends you can make regular money... You won't win all the time but you will win with far more regularity and consistency than you’ve ever experienced before. With this method of playing the probabilities, you can build up a betting bank that keeps growing, weekend after weekend.

It could be £115 one weekend, £75 the next, £300 the weekend after...

"I have been placing small stakes on corners, booking points... I have made weekly profits of at least £75. Thanks for the Stats."
- Peter W

"As you said there would be a load of goals in the CKSA game, I split my stake at over 2.5/over 3.5 - both came in easily!"
- Dave L

"Just like to say well done in choosing the Both Teams to Score bets this weekend (despite the bookies disagreeing with you)... Thank you"
- John Beck

"Across The League site is great... I use the site to do accumulators on over/under 2.5 goals and Both Teams to Score... I used the Champions League stats to pick out a nice little treble – Porto Over 10 Corners, Juventus Under 2.5 Goals, Monaco Over 2.5 Goals – total odds 6/1. Keep up the good work"
- Lee Blaylock

We don't claim to make you rich overnight, or a millionaire by the end of the season. But our advice can certainly help you make some extra cash... to treat yourself and your loved ones to holidays, restaurant meals, Xboxes, new cars, home improvements... whatever it is you like to spend your money on.

Look at the FACTS:

This season in the Championship, bets like these have paid out time and time again. The same teams, delivering in the same markets...

  • 88% - QPR Away games - Under 10.5 Corners (14 out of 16)

  • 88% - West Brom Home games - Both Teams to Score (14 out of 16)

  • 87% - Middlesbrough Home games - Under 2.5 Goals(13 out of 15)

Discover these little-known ways to make money from football...

As well as the highest-rated bets - like those trends above - I study the bookies' markets and prices to identify the most profitable bets, too...

Bets where there is value to be found, with the odds in our favour... Bets where you can use the stats to increase your profits, often by ignoring the straight ‘Win Lose or Draw’ Match Results and looking instead to the wide range of more lucrative markets available on the same teams...

For example:

  • Backing Arsenal to win Away this season has produced just 5 winning bets from 13 games (38%)...

  • BUT... backing Both Teams to Score has paid out in 12 of those 13 Away games (92%)...

  • Backing Both Teams to Score to level stakes at average odds of 10/11 has produced a healthy profit (76% ROI so far this season)

And there are stacks of profitable alternative bets like these, with winning trends to be found on every team in the league.

The stats-based markets I'm talking about – Goals... Corners... Cards & Bookings... Handicaps... Half Time & Full Time... Scorers... Winning Margin... Correct Score... To Win To Nil... offer you BIGGER ODDS and GREATER PROFITS than betting on Home Wins.

But you need to know which markets and which bets present the best opportunities for which teams, and in which matches. And that’s where I come in...

Of course, all this statistical research and betting analysis takes a lot of time and effort, which is exactly why I've put together the Across the Leagues service - complete with a comprehensive, user-friendly website.

Across the Leagues is the simplest, most direct way you can hit the bookie where it hurts, without needing to do any of the legwork yourself.

We do what the bookies hate – we use statistics against them in the markets they prefer punters NOT to bet on.

Every week I scour the Premier League, Football League and Scottish Premiership fixtures for statistical trends. Then deliver you the outstanding bets - the highest rated and the best value odds available – all based on actual match statistics.

All our statistics are supplied by OPTA Sportsdata...

Our website is powered by statistics from OPTA Sportsdata - who supply data to broadcasters including Sky, BBC and BT Sport... the press including The Daily Mirror and FourFourTwo magazine... as well as Oddschecker and major bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, BetVictor, Betfair and Paddy Power.

We use the very latest Premier League and Football League data from OPTA to monitor all teams, all players and every game.

And our unique Across the Leagues website sorts this plethora of data into BET-SPECIFIC statistics - turning the numbers into moneymaking advice across a range of betting markets available every weekend.

There is no emotion... no bias... there are no 'lucky hunches.' Just clear data - coupled with analysis of the specific betting markets and prices available each week.

And rather than drown you in a tonne of statistics, I strip it down to the best bets for the week. Really, it'll take you minutes to act on these, leaving you to get on with your day.

Look at the FACTS:

This season in League One, bets like these have paid out time and time again. The same teams, delivering in the same markets...

  • 94% - AFC Wimbledon Home games – Under 3.5 Cards (15 out of 16)

  • 88% - Oxford United Away games – Over 3.5 Cards (14 out of 16)

  • 88% - Coventry City Home games - First Goal - After 27th Minute (14 out of 16)

Across the Leagues – a service unlike any other...

Across the Leagues is all about the STATS - and how to make money from them.

As the name suggests, we look 'across the leagues' for standout stats and value betting opportunities, every week of the season.

The service provides you with all the tools you need to make money from little-known, highly profitable betting markets...

1) We have a unique website packed with bet-specific information for the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two and the Scottish Premiership:

  • Specific betting stats across dozens of markets...

  • Dedicated Team Stats pages for every team...

  • A Head-to-Head tool for matching up any two teams...

  • Referees data...

  • And League Stats Tables highlighting the best bets in each division across Match Results, Goals, Corners, Cards & Bookings and Scorers markets...

We also cover the Champions League throughout the tournament with bespoke stats online, and dedicated advice by email on match-days.

You simply will not find this level of football betting information anywhere else.

2) I will send you emails and betting Picks throughout the week, where I'll be identifying the best stats-based and value betting opportunities...

I research season-long data, recent form, past meetings, team news... and a wide range of Match Result, Correct Score, Scorers, Goals, Corners and Cards betting markets - every week.

Doing all the groundwork for you, including identifying the standout stats available on our exclusive website, to produce the stats you need to know before betting on the next round of games.

It's then time to cash-in on the best prices and markets on offer with my Across the Leagues Picks. These are my recommended bets for the week - targeting the highest-rated bets and strongest trends, hunting out the best value prices.

The Across the Leagues package is genuinely - hand on heart - the biggest and best service I've ever worked on.

See what the stats have in store for us this season...

Remember - instead of plumping for a team to win, lose or draw - you can cash-in on markets like:

  • Total number of Goals, Corners and Bookings...

  • Team to get the First Goal, Corner or Booking...

  • Team to get the Most Goals, Corners or Bookings...

  • Goal, Corner and Bookings 'Handicap' bets...

  • Time of Goals and which team will score them…

  • Who's winning at Half Time... who will Win to Nil... or Win by Exactly 1 Goal...

"Many thanks for the most incisive statistics that have produced winning bet after winning bet in the matches this week."
- Ian S

"Hi Oliver, I just wanted to say your programme is excellent. I have been doing the stats on every game since I joined and for me the "corners" are working out to around 80%... and that's a bet I would never have considered until this came. Cheers"
- Lui

"Across the Leagues stats are great, every Saturday morning I look at every match for corner & booking match ups"
- Darren Jones

Many bettors assume these are risky bets and avoid them. Others simply don't consider them because the bookie doesn't advertise them. But these are actually the markets with the most reliable outcomes...

Look at the FACTS:

This season in League Two, bets like these have paid out time and time again. The same teams, delivering in the same markets...

  • 88% - Grimsby Town Home games – Under 3.5 Cards (14 out of 16)

  • 81% - Forest Green Away games – Both Teams to Score (13 out of 16)

  • 81% - Port Vale Away games - Under 2.5 Goals (13 out of 16)

All the hard work is done for you

If betting on corners or bookings sounds a bit scary compared to your usual bets, then don't be put off. All the bets are available with major bookmakers, I'll tell you where to find them and who is offering the best prices.

Every Friday (and also for midweek fixtures), you'll get your Across the Leagues Picks & Analysis email. This is really easy to act upon. I'll tell you:

  • The week's stats you need to know

  • My analysis of the standout stats, and the betting markets available

  • And if you want to follow my advice to the letter: I'll tell you what to bet on, who to bet with, and where to find the best odds with my weekly betting Picks.

"Just wanted to say thanks for this awesome website – the head-2-head is fantastic."
- Jamie S

"The site is a powerhouse of information when considering betting on corners, bookings and handicap markets. Combined with the regular emails… there is far more scope for achieving profit."
- Edin Bury

"Football stats are excellent, keeps improving"
- John Hammond

"Across the Leagues is a really good site, I use it to conduct my own +/-2.5 goals and BTTS, using the percentages"
- Lee

"I really think your service is really good. I feel you're improving with your new features all the time"
- Lorenzo Mazza

"I've been a subscriber for several years now. This season's service is the best ever. It's good value for money too."
- Aidan Elliott

"Hi Oliver, Have been a fan of yours for ages, long may you reign mate. Your stats are the dogs bo***cks"
- Davey

"Really enjoy your emails and all the info contained... keep up the great work..."
- D. Patel

Join me today and put my 'alternative' approach to the test...

Across the Leagues is the most comprehensive and easy to follow football betting service I've ever seen.

It will tell you the best bets for any team and the top-rated betting markets across the Premier League, Championship, League One & League Two, Scottish Premiership... PLUS the Champions League...

You'll get analysis of...

  • STATS - that you won't see anywhere else. OPTA-powered data from across the leagues, specially filtered and enhanced to match the betting markets offered by bookmakers...

  • BETS - unique at-a-glance 'League Tables' showing you which bets pay out most often on each team, in each league. Across dozens of markets including Match Results, Goals, Corners, Cards and Scorers...

  • WINNERS - weekly betting advice by email, pinpointing the best value prices for the standout opportunities for the next round of games...

No one else offers such in-depth coverage and statistical analysis of football from a betting perspective. Yes there are other stats sites out there, but these are mostly aimed at fans and Fantasy League players - and spend more energy finding out when an injured player might be back than following trends that match the betting markets bookmakers offer.

But I don't expect you to take me at my word. I'm sure you get dozens of offers from 'tipsters' and self-proclaimed 'betting experts.' Maybe you've had your fingers burned. I know from my years of experience, there are a lot of sharks in the water.

So instead, I'd like to invite you to try out my service from now until the end of Premier League season, covered by a full Money-back Guarantee. See for yourself what it can do and the money I can help you can make.

Let me SHOW you how this works before you make any commitment.

But I'm sure you'll stick with it when you get results like these...

Profits from Russia to Rotherham...

This summer my World Cup 2018 service produced 19 pts profit and 34% ROI from daily match picks.

My new 2018/19 season Across the Leagues service will be carrying straight on with my stats and analysis throughout every week of the season, from Man City to Motherwell and Chelsea to Cheltenham...

You could soon join satisfied members like these:

"Hi Oliver, Thanks for your excellent service again this tournament, finished around £1200 in profit at £50 stakes... That's in addition to over £1000 profit from Euro 2016 using your service so many thanks, really enjoyed the extra interest generated in every game and betting on less obvious markets"
- Tony W (July 2018)

"Thanks Oliver for the tips during the world cup. I just did the match bets and ended up 33 points in profit overall"
- Andrew W (July 2018)

"Thanks for enhancing the World Cup experience. On top of it being a great tournament, I won over £300 following your selections. Many thanks and well done"
- Peter W (July 2018)

"Thanks Oliver, It's been a blast! Top tipping and I've loved the morning emails. Cheers pal"
- Richard S (July 2018)

"Hi Oliver, great service for Russia 2018 and nice profit to boot. Looked forward to the selections each day and was not disappointed in the stats provided. I look forward to the 2018/2019 football season and hope you can continue the good work."
- Hamish C (July 2018)

"Really pleased I signed up for the World Cup... I made a profit on the tournament, mainly due to your Corners and Man of the Match advice. Thanks"
- Chris B (July 2018)

"Extremely well done on your world cup performance, Oliver, and thank you for helping me reduce my overdraft! Highlight has to be my £100 on Griezmann at 7-1 to be Man of the Match in the final"
- Jon E (July 2018)

"Fine overall results Oliver. The most significant advance has been your format of presenting the bets. It is better practically, more effective and user friendly from your earlier incarnations. A big well done. Kindest regards"
- Jin W (July 2018)

"Thank you for very nice month. My worksheet say: Staked: 2698.16, Profit: 693.30, ROI: 25.7% Well done Oliver!"
- Jussi A (July 2018)

"Finished over 600 points up so thanks very much and congratulations"
- Alastair T (July 2018)

"I had my biggest winner on the world cup ever... got france vs argentina and uruguay vs portugal and both teams to score double. odds were 43/1 and had 10 on it so, well, i think that says it all really."
- John B (July 2018)

"Thank you very much for providing such a marvellous service"
- Alex T (July 2018)

"Hello Oliver I had a very profitable world cup 52 bets at £10 for a profit of £258.10... thanks for your insight and keep up the good work"
- Gary W (July 2018)

Of course, you might be asking...

"How much is this going to cost me?"

I've made some big promises so far, so I imagine you might think I'd ask for big money to access all of this information.

I completely understand that concern...

Many advice services and tipsters ask for £400 or more per year. I've even seen one who had the nerve to ask for over £1,200.

Even the most reasonable seem to be asking for a minimum of £30 a month which works out at £360 a year.

But at Oxfordshire Press we have a reputation for value, honesty and great customer service.

And Across the Leagues is no different.

Bearing in mind you get OPTA stats feeds covering the five different leagues... plus round-by-round coverage of the Champions League... and a unique members-only website to access all the information whenever you need it... I think you'll be surprised at the price.

We want ordinary punters to be able to afford this, as well as professionals who use our service, so we've pulled the price down as low as possible.

So all we're asking is for £9.97 per month, that's just £2.30 a week.

That works out as an annual membership of only £119.64.

But I want to save you even more money...

Get a 25% discount today

Join today and you can get an entire year's membership for just £89. That's just £1.71 a week (cheaper than a cup of High Street coffee).

And not only will you enjoy this 25% discount this year – it's a 'lifetime' offer. As long as you remain a member you will never be asked to pay a penny more than £89 a year.

Secure your place now >>

Or if you prefer, choose the quarterly option which works out at less than £1.95 per week for full membership, with all the stats, recommendations and advice.

And bear this in mind...

Your fee is totally refundable – and you have until the end of the sesaon to decide

So many betting services promise to make you a fortune overnight.

We know this can't be done.

In reality, it takes time.

Finding 'Value' will deliver winning bets in the long run, but we don't know when an individual bet will win. So it's simply not possible to try us for a weekend, or even a few weeks, and see the true income potential.

To test this properly, you need to see how we perform over the season.

This is why I'd like to offer you a Money-Back Guarantee until the end of the Premier League season.

If you're unhappy with the service for any reason between now and 12th May, I'll refund your membership fee in full.

No 'ifs', no 'buts', no asking you to 'prove you followed our system.' Just your money back and a thank you for giving us a go.


Not only can you ask for your money back anytime between now and the end of the Premier League season, I'd like to give you two weeks to see that everything I've said is true before you pay anything.

That means you can have 14 days to check out the site, receive my analysis and make sure you are happy with everything before ANY membership fee is taken.

So there's no commitment, and no risk.

And if you act today and grab that totally refundable annual membership of just £89, you'll have the best football betting advice for just £1.71 a week.

I can't wait to show you those alternative markets the bookies hate you to bet on.

Put us to the test for the next 14 days – for FREE >>

I look forward to welcoming you onboard...

Best wishes,

Oliver Upstone

Oliver Upstone

Across the Leagues

Oxfordshire Press

© Oxfordshire Press 2019

Note: Current 2018/19 season stats quoted correct as of 13th February.

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You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by writing to your Bank or Building Society. Please also send a copy of the letter to us.

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