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By exploiting a gold-plated chink in the bookies’ armour...

Give me five minutes and I’ll explain how YOU can use this to make money this year, and every year...

Dear Profit Hunter,

It all started with a late-night phone call...

Picture the scene. I’m in Australia, phone pressed to my ear with one hand – the other, as usual – hovering over the computer mouse.

My Publisher, Dave, is in England. No doubt at his desk, piled high with business proposals and paperwork. We’re having one of our chats. Dave likes to call them Editorial Meetings...

And then, mid-conversation, there it is – The Light-bulb Moment...

Dave is looking on Facebook. I’m what you might call ‘Old School.’ Facebook is not for me. For the first time, I scroll through some of the pages and adverts he’s telling me to look at.

Alarm bells start to ring. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry:

My screen is filled with garish ads for ‘betting services’ with names like ‘*Mega Super Awesome Tipster*’... ‘*Turn £25 into a Grand*’... ‘*Snowball Mountain Accumulators*’...

Stopped in my tracks, I spurt out:

“Dave, is this serious? These guys are betting on everything, every day!”

It wasn’t much of an exaggeration. As a dyed-in-the-wool betting man – and having worked for some of the biggest bookmakers in the business – I am no stranger to coming across somewhat dubious ‘tipping’ advice. But what I was seeing here was something else. Having largely kept myself off social media, I didn’t realise how bad things had got.

These guys are betting and tipping on everything, every day. Football from every country you can think of... dogs, horses... virtual dogs, virtual horses... flying pigs...

It’s a non-stop torrent of bet-bet-bet and bet again.

No mention of quality control.

Not a hint of explanation in the ‘tips.’

Not even the faintest whiff of a true strategy or bet selection process.

And my personal bugbear – the word ‘value’ banded around as a by-word for nothing more than ‘that’s a good bet I reckon...’ rather than the true, mathematical and probability-based meaning of VALUE. For a numbers man like me, that drives me mad. It’s at best, misguided – and worst, downright deceitful.

My head spins. I despair.

Now, UNLESS these self-proclaimed ‘mega’ tipsters know something I don’t... something that 30+ years of experience hasn’t showed me... or UNLESS these people are somehow possessed with unparalleled psychic abilities...

Then they are WRONG. And they won’t make you money.

And I’ll tell you why in just a moment...

But first, back to the phone-call. I’ve been working with Dave for well over a decade, and I’ve seen his impressive portfolio of sports betting and products progress from once-a-month black & white newsletters in the post, to full colour glossy productions... to text messages... websites and email updates.

So I suppose his next question was logical: “Can we do a daily service? So you can provide members with your expert advice, every single day. That way we can make sure they never miss a thing”

Now, I have a lot of respect for Dave. When it comes to Publishing, he knows what he’s doing. And he’s been doing it just as long as I’ve been working in the betting industry – if not longer. He’s always thinking about our members, and how to give them the best service possible, and as much for their money as possible. But Dave respects me, too. He leaves the betting side of things to me. And that’s when we had the breakthrough...

“NO” – I said, in no uncertain terms...

“No way. Looking at Facebook made me realise something. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it before. Here’s what we should be doing...”

We talked for hours that night. Well it was night-time for me in Australia, anyway. Dave was probably waiting to have his breakfast... And out of that phone-call came something truly unique...

Because, it really is true:


That phone call was several months ago. Since then, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes – thrashing out the idea and putting the plan into action...

And now, I am delighted to announce the launch of my BRAND NEW service, Ahead of the Market.

Put me to the test – JOIN NOW >>

I truly believe this new service takes the very best of everything I have ever learnt from my career as an odds compiler. And puts that information – very specific, very measured, with the potential to be very profitable – in your hands...

But because it’s so niche, so ultra-specific – this won’t be for everyone.

So I’ll say this right now, up front:

If you want or need to get tips from me every day – THIS ISN’T FOR YOU.

If you want a 24/7 round-the-clock service that lights up your phone at all hours – THIS ISN’T FOR YOU.

If you’re looking for someone to tell you to back Chelsea to beat Man City on any given weekend, or Andy Murray to beat Novak Djokovic in their next match, and with no reason given as to why – THEN I’M NOT THE MAN FOR YOU.

And this is a very important one...

If you’re looking to make a ‘quick buck’ – to strike a bet Saturday morning and get your payout Saturday afternoon – THEN THIS REALLY IS NOT FOR YOU.

Still with me?

Then read on.

Because my brand new Ahead of the Market service is all set and ready to go.

Ahead of the Market’s aim is a simple one: to make you money every year, by following my carefully selected bets.

We will be going after LONG TERM gains. Collecting our profits over weeks and months – not daily or by the hour...

Targeting ONLY a very particular set of betting markets...

And only an even smaller range of opportunities will meet our bet criteria...

But when they do – we’ll be ready to swoop. Moving sharply and smartly to make money from betting in the only way that truly works in the long term:

By only betting when the odds are truly in our favour. By making sure every bet we place is giving us true betting VALUE.

I made some pretty bold statements at the top of this letter. You’re probably wondering:

  • What is this untapped source of big-odds winners?

  • What exactly is this powerful and little-known method?

  • How can this tool make you tax-free profits this year?

  • Is there really a gold-plated chink in the bookies’ armour?

Allow me to explain...

Playing the long game...

Those Facebook tipsters are wrong, and so is anyone who tries to just ‘pick winners.’ Sure, on any one day you could get it right. Land a winner or two. But do you really want to rely on ‘luck’? Do you really want to be chasing bets all day every day, hoping and praying you come out on top, or hit the big one someday?

That’s not the way a professional does it. And therefore, it’s not the way to make money, to make ongoing profits, over a sustained period time.

Put simply, an ‘every day’ approach to betting is wrong, because chances are, the bookies won’t get their prices wrong every day. Once or twice a week, maybe – but not every day...

And that means, by doing anything other than betting with the extremely selective method that I am going to show you, you are leaving yourself open and vulnerable – to luck, chance, the will of the betting gods, whatever you want to call it...

For example, let’s say you back Man City to beat Chelsea . And then it rains, pours it down, for the whole game and the pitch is an ice-rink and the play doesn’t pan out anything like you thought it would. Or what if Sergio Aguero goes off injured after 15 minutes, and City have lost their top scorer and star striker for the rest of the game?

On the day, anything can happen. That’s why we love sport, after all. But any one-off event is open to any number of outcomes and incidents that can damage your bet. And that’s assuming you took a good price on Man City in the first place...

And what is a good price? That’s a key question. And one I am confident that I have the answer to, seeing as I’ve been an odds compiler for the bookmakers for most of my career (more on that in a moment).

Now let’s take a different example. In this case, you’ve bet on Man City to win the league. You think they have the right manager. You like their squad and new signings. And over the course of the season, you’re backing what you believe to be the ‘cream’ to rise to the top...

With this bet, that rainy day against Chelsea is far less significant. Sergio Aguero missing one game with a knock isn’t the be-all and end-all.

Your match-day bet lives or dies in 90 minutes. Your season-long bet covers you across 38 league games and 10 months...

We’ll only be betting in TWO markets...

What I’m talking about here are the types of markets that you choose to bet in. My decades of experience pricing up sporting & cultural events... monitoring the work and prices of other compilers and bookmakers... studying acres of different statistical data and reams of player & team performance analysis... tells me that:

We are more likely to find Value in Ante Post and Outright markets, than in one-off and match-day markets.

  • Ante Post – a pre-tournament market. Bets placed before play begins

  • Outright market – who will win a particular event or tournament? For example, the Outright Winner market for Wimbledon... who will finish in the Top Four in the Premier League... who will win the US Masters golf

As I said, I’m a numbers man. But to put this in layman’s terms, we are more likely to find value – and therefore, the opportunity to profit – in those two types of markets, due to two reasons...

1) The ‘long term’ factor – as with that Man City example above. Over a period of time, over a series of matches, form can pan out in a completely different way to in one isolated event

2) Because the bookies pay less attention to their Ante Post and Outright prices than to the day-by-day, big money match-betting markets. The bookies’ prices for that Man City v Chelsea match, which is where everyone’s attention is on the day, are likely to be very efficient – the only way you can get an edge is likely to be if you reckon Sergio Aguero is not fully fit, or you reckon the pitch will go against City if it rains... We are more likely to find a value bet opportunity and an inefficient market with an ‘early bird’ bet on Wimbledon, for example – an event where the bookies used to have World No.1 Serena Williams in as an almost ‘default’ favourite, and where we might be able to snap up 100/1 about a fast-improving teenager, who could be just 10/1 by the time the tournament comes along...

Put me to the test – JOIN NOW >>

So how do I find these ‘value’ opportunities?

It’s fair to say that not many people have a working life like mine. Let me tell you a bit about myself...

My pen name is Peter Mac. I don’t use my full name as I’m still very much active in the industry. But everything else that I’m about to tell you is the full truth...

A life-long quest to find the ‘perfect price’...

Starting young in this game isn’t a ‘must have’ but it certainly helps. And ‘doing my time’ at the bookmakers has given me experience that few other people have. Since then, it has literally been a never ending journey to learn how to construct the most accurate price possible for any ante post market...

You not only pick up pricing methods used by the bookies that can be useful to also adopt, but you also get wind of pricing techniques that are no good at all and are there to be attacked…

I look for opportunities that most people don’t even think of or know about. For example, one such method would be how to price up ‘mini group’ markets accurately – like the Top Northwest Club in the Premier League… or Top Man in Big Brother. It’s a technique that leans heavily on the master price (eg. who will win the event outright, before taking into account the ‘group’ in question), and when you have that right, you can tap into the market with confidence.

Some bookies are up to speed with this type of pricing, but there are quite a few that are not – and of course their slowness in catching up to the right master price has a huge effect on the category pricing...

I’ll make money with that technique for us, of that I’m sure – the more obscure the market the better and there are plenty of those coming up in 2018!

The upshot of the bookie having a wrong priced favourite, for example, is an inefficient market – in other words, a market which is priced wide of the mark in real terms. The easiest way to explain this is pricing up a coin toss at odds of 4/6 Heads and 6/4 Tails instead of Evens for each selection… or pricing the roll of a die being a six @ 7/1 instead of 5/1 – these are both examples of an inefficient market, in other words markets that are ripe for attacking.

If you want an example of an efficient market, look no further than the world of the ATP Tour tennis matches or Premier League match betting, the Starting Prices of both of these markets are about as efficient as you could hope for with only soft factors (for example injuries, weather, rotation) giving you a chance of any significant edge.

In the pregame department, I spend my days looking to attack the ante post markets that are inefficient. They are inefficient for a couple of reasons. The first, is that whilst ‘one off’ results can damage a bettor’s bottom line, over the course of a season or series of events, ante post punters benefit from the ‘long game’ – in other words, a decent sample size where class counts.

The other main reason is simply the odds compilers’ failure to price up a long term event properly – this is often a guess or a simply copy of the first bookmaker up, and if that starter price is wrong, you will often see multiple books sitting in or around that pricing level without really understanding why they are actually sitting with that price.

You might think it sounds strange that a bookmaker would get their prices wrong. But it happens – especially in ante post and outright markets...

The bookies and odds compilers are busy people, and they are under a lot of pressure. They have no choice but to concentrate on the hundreds of weekly football matches and horses races taking place: that’s where the attention of the majority of their customers is, and that’s where the big money will be going, too. But what about the market for something like the US Open tennis, months down the line? The bookies are going to spend significantly less time and effort on their market and prices for that. And those are exactly the kind of opportunities we can thrive on.

My time at the bookmakers taught me a great deal. But my big breakthrough came from elsewhere...

My secret weapon – ‘Monte Carlo modelling’...

Monte Carlo modelling is the technique and it has allowed me to price up literally anything… from the Ashes Correct Score to the number of Seats the Liberal Democrats will win in the next Election... The list is literally endless.

This technique revolutionised my betting overnight – and I have spent literally hundreds of hours building bespoke tools that model both in play and pregame markets. And the great thing about using this type of technique is that it WILL uncover opportunities.

On the pregame front, Monte Carlo modelling is a powerful beast. Take for example Seat betting – in any given Election there will be key seats – as the results of these seats are known, you will be making huge moves on the prices for the remaining seats. You can model various scenarios in the pregame department that take into account a range of outcomes. And looking at these outcomes provides the opportunity to create prices and compare them with what’s on offer with the bookmakers.

All of the above (and more) enables you to genuinely cite whether or not a position is value – that term is bandied around quite a bit these days, but more often than not that assumption is just a guess.

Maths has always been a strength of mine – right from an early age – so it was only natural to integrate that interest into what has turned out to be a bookmaking career spanning just short of 30 years (that’s not including the experimental tax free lays struck whilst I was ‘learning my trade’ at college).

And although I love maths, working in the betting industry has taught me to communicate in Plain English sometimes, too! If mathematical jargon isn’t your thing, don’t worry – you can still benefit from my methods...

My sporting investments are made based on one or more of these key indicators:

  • Simulation modelling produces a different price

  • The maths of the market is wrong

  • Soft factors that produce a variance

Let’s first look at the ‘juicy topic’ of simulations and dependencies…

Simulation modelling produces a different price…

There are a selection of methods that can be used to conduct such calculations – I often use them all during the course of a month, with one method in particular taking pride of place on the mantelpiece...

Risk analyst and former trader Nasim Nicolas Taleb used the Monte Carlo method to revolutionize the way he traded the financial markets. It allowed him to produce artificial thinking and compare it with non-random constructs. His holy grail-like writing is revered the world over… and let me tell you, the adulation that he has received is not misplaced.

As Taleb himself explained, Monte Carlo is basically the replication of a perfect roulette wheel (upon discovering Monte Carlo modelling, Taleb spent hundreds of hours in his attic with his newfound toy – simulating the financial markets with laser sight precision) – and whilst I didn’t grind out the hours in an attic, the back garden of my Queensland home was a decent enough substitute for me.

It is indeed a revolutionary tool when you run your first simulation – Serena Williams was the subject of my first calculations and let me tell you now, the numbers I produced were frighteningly blunt… so simple, and perfectly fitting for our purpose. Serena is a tennis legend, but my findings tell me she is rarely betting value.

Here’s another example. I once built a Scottish Seats simulator that ran 200,000 Elections (or ‘random sample paths’ as some might prefer). That gave me a price that I was then able to compare with what was being offered by the bookmakers.

Many sessions ending in the early hours but that’s the nature of this tool. I’m here to do all that hard work for you. My Ahead of the Market service provides you with the fruits of my labour.

Put me to the test – JOIN NOW >>

One event can strongly influence another...

The beauty of this first simulation exercise was that it introduced me to ‘dependencies’ (that’s my terminology by the way – purely because it gets down to the nifty gritty that us punters need at this stage of events)...

In other words, how the result of one event can strongly influence that of another...

And being introduced to that aspect of modelling so early in my ‘career’ ended up being a defining moment as it permanently changed the way I produced these simulations/paths ongoing.

In fact, since that day I haven’t once ran a simulation that didn’t take into account dependencies.

I don’t want to get too deep into the technicalities but here’s an example of how a ‘soft factor’ (something that is a variable outside of the dataset) gatecrashes a sporting moment and from that point, has the potential to destroy the path the data takes...

Say you are playing a notoriously big serving player at your tennis club in the yearly men’s singles event – he has served well all tournament and you have only won one point on his serve in his opening three service games...

You are 0-30 down.

How do you think the mindset is right now of the returners? Well if he’s in any way human he isn’t going to be brimming with confidence, and therefore I would have to be shorter that he wins the third point in the game than I was for him to win the opening point.

Just as I would have to factor in a similar dependency at 30-30.

That’s an obvious illustration, but allowing for dependencies has, since its introduction, dominated my calculations.

It doesn’t matter what the simulation type, within every sim there will be some kind of dependency – tennis, NFL divisions, football relegation markets… all contain valid dependencies that will affect the final outcome.

And it is the consideration of these dependencies that sharpen up your prices.

Here’s a throwaway one to mull over – Australia get beaten in the opening Test (at the Gabba) is that going to result in some pretty serious decay being applied to England’s price for the second Test?… Yep it is, so any sim that kicks off with an England win should be loaded from that point with some significant action on England’s price...

That’s a real life example. The Ashes is an event which has produced some of my finest wins… and the above mentioned scenario is the reason why.

The maths of the market is wrong...

It’s not all about the Monte Carlo method though – sometimes the price is just mathematically wrong. And I’ll be outlining to Ahead of the Market members a few price checking techniques that serve as an excellent measure of just how wrong a price is, and how this illustration clearly indicates the pricing mistakes that the bookies make on a regular basis. It’s these mistakes that my members will be continually feeding off.

I’m not talking opinion here – this is just the analysis of price sets which quite often make no sense at all.

For example – a bookmaker is chalking up the right price about flipping Heads on a coin toss, yet is laying 10/3 about back-to-back Heads.

A brutally explicit example, but it’s one that perfectly sums up how the bookmakers go wrong… and I’ll be giving plenty of examples of more such ricks in the future… with each step of the process broken down in such a fashion that it proves without any doubt that we are not only taking genuine value about a selection, but also where the bookmaker has gone wrong. And as I say, the bookmakers do get it wrong sometimes – especially in the ante post and outright markets.

The biggest winners are found this way...

The Monte Carlo method is the driving force behind what I do. If I recommend a bet to you as an Ahead of the Market member, it will be because I have ran that event through my custom-built simulator tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of times – and have found that the price we’re getting from the bookies can indeed be called, a VALUE price.

And this is why I’m insulted when I see some ‘mega tipster’ on social media who thinks Team X is ‘value’ to beat Team Y because... well, because he just thinks so!

By now you are, I’m sure, starting to see why I have said that I don’t expect to be betting every day, or trying to pick the winner of any given event at will...

Consider this. If the prolific, non-stop tipsters I mention above are the betting equivalent of carpet bombing... then what we will be doing – choosing our targets with great care, timing and precision – makes us more like snipers...

Ten years and counting...

Following along those lines, here is a selection of my most prized ‘kills’ – from over a decade of value hunting in published services for Oxfordshire Press.

Some of the more eye-catching specimens on our value-hunter’s trophy wall include:

(Years refer to date of bet placed)


  • Football – Sevilla to win the UEFA Cup @ 14/1 – WON

  • Golf – Phil Mickelson to win the US Masters @ 10/1 – WON

  • Rugby Union – England to win the World Cup @ 25/1– EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Rugby Union – Gloucester to win the Guinness Premiership @ 10/1 – WON

  • Cricket – Ashes Correct Score – Australia to win 5-0 @ 8/1 - WON


  • Tennis – USA to win the Davis Cup @ 6/1 – WON

  • Rugby Union – South Africa to win the World Cup @ 10/1 – WON

  • Tennis – Novak Djokovic to win the Australian Open @ 33/1 – WON

  • Rugby Union – Wales to win the Six Nations @ 9/1 – WON

  • Football – Reading to be Relegated @ 7/1 - WON


  • Football – Chester to be Relegated @ 6/1 – WON

  • Olympics – Germany to win Men’s Hockey @ 4/1 – WON

  • Snooker – John Higgins to win the Grand Prix @ 14/1 – WON

  • Rugby League – New Zealand to win the World Cup @ 8/1 – WON

  • Football – Barcelona to win the Champions League @ 6/1 – WON


  • Tennis – Andy Roddick to win Wimbledon @ 40/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Football – Werder Bremen to win the UEFA Cup @ 40/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Rugby League – Huddersfield +18 pts Regular Season Handicap @ 10/1 – WON

  • Snooker – John Higgins to win the World Championship @ 16/1 – WON

  • Tennis – Juan-Martin Del Potro to win the US Open @ 16/1 – WON


  • Stewart Anderson to win the World Indoor Bowls Championship @ 20/1 – WON

  • Winter Olympics – USA to win the Most Medals @ 11/2 – WON

  • Football – Tottenham to finish in the Top Four @ 3/1 – WON

  • Football – Celtic (zero Handicap) to win the SPL Season Handicap @ 9/1 – WON

  • Rugby Union – France to win the Rugby World Cup @ 11/1 – WON


  • Tennis – Maria Sharapova to win Wimbledon @ 12/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Rugby League – Warrington Wolves to win the Super League Regular Season @ 14/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Politics – Michael Higgins to be the Next Irish President @ 5/1 – WON

  • Football – Borussia Dortmund to win the Bundesliga @ 5/1 – WON

  • Tennis – Victoria Azarenka to win the Australian Open @ 10/1 – WON


  • Golf – Adam Scott to win The Open @ 50/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Football – Thomas Muller to be Champions League Top Scorer @ 100/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Cricket – West Indies to win the Twenty20 World Cup @ 16/1 – WON

  • Olympics – Jason Kenny to win Cycling Men’s Track Sprint @ 4/1 – WON

  • Golf – Adam Scott to win the US Masters @ 33/1 – WON


  • Golf – Phil Mickelson to win the US Open @ 25/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Golf – Hideki Matsuyama to finish in the Top 20 at the US Open @ 10/1 – WON

  • Snooker – Ronnie O’Sullivan to win the World Championship @ 8/1 – WON

  • NFL – Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl @ 12/1 – WON

  • Golf – Hideki Matsuyama to finish in the Top 20 at the US Open @ 10/1 – WON


  • Specials – Rory McIlroy to BBC Sports Personality of the Year @ 20/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Tennis – Eugenie Bouchard to win Wimbledon @ 33/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Tennis – Maria Sharapova to win the French Open @ 5/1 – WON

  • Darts – Gary Anderson to win the PDC World Championship @ 7/1 – WON

  • Tennis – Marin Cilic to win the US Open @ 100/1 – WON


  • Tennis – Timea Bacsinszky to win WTA Monterrey @ 9/1 – WON

  • Rugby League – North Queensland Cowboys to win NRL Grand Final @ 12/1 – WON

  • Golf – Jordan Spieth to win the US Open @ 9/1 – WON

  • Specials – Benjamin Clementine to win the Mercury Music Prize @ 6/1 – WON

  • Darts – Jelle Klaasen to win Quarter 4 of the PDC World Championship @ 16/1 - WON


  • Golf – Henrik Stenson to win The Open @ 30/1 – WON

  • Golf – Phil Mickelson to win the The Open @ 45/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Football – Crystal Palace to win the FA Cup @ 25/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Golf – Victor Dubuisson to win the DP World Tour Championship @ 50/1 – EACH WAY PAYOUT

  • Snooker – Mark Selby to win the UK Championship @ 8/1 – WON

Those are just five examples that I’ve plucked out for each of the last 11 years. As you can see, we leave no stone unturned...

Winter Olympics... BBC Sports Personality of the Year... Politics... as well as the big Golf, Snooker, Cricket, Rugby and Snooker events...

Wherever we can take advantage of value price – we strike.

Put me to the test – JOIN NOW >>

And now, for the very first time...

All those winning bets listed above came from the Ante Post and Outright markets. Those are the markets where the bookies are proven to get it wrong, time and time again – and where my modelling techniques can identify the best prices and lucrative profit-making opportunities for us.

Now, for the first time ever, I will be targeting those markets and THOSE MARKETS ONLY – in my new Ahead of the Market service.

It’s an ‘only the best will do’ mentality. Only the best value markets get considered... and only the best value selections make the cut.

It’s about Less is More.

Quality over Quantity.

We will NOT be betting every day.

And we WON’T be collecting payouts every week...

That’s the nature of this approach to betting. Look at those winners listed above. After Adam Scott’s near miss at The Open in 2012 (where we got the Each Way payout but just missed the 50/1 Outright win), we had to wait until the following spring for the big payday... with Scott winning his first Major trophy, lifting the US Masters 2013 for us at an incredible 33/1. It was well worth the wait.

Some weeks we might find just the one opportunity, or even none at all. Other weeks we might have a handful of bets – in the build-up to the new football season, NFL season or Formula One season, for example.

But all the time, every week, I’ll be looking for the value – using my methods as outlined above. And I’ll keep you up-to-date with weekly members-only emails explaining my workings... my findings... how our ‘portfolio’ of open bets is looking... upcoming opportunities to trade or guarantee a profit...

All the while, all the time, on the hunt for value.

And when my stats and analysis, my modelling techniques and methods show a must-bet opportunity – I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger. I’ll send out a dedicated ‘value alert’ to you by email.

The early bird gets the worm...

Slow and steady wins the race...

These sayings really do ring true for us!

Ahead of the Market gets you on the best value prices, early – before anyone else. And we wait patiently, alert and diligent, for our payouts to come.

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When they come, the rewards are big...

My betting highlight in 2016 came at The Open golf...

Landing a dream one-two result with Henrik Stenson winning @ 30/1 – AND an Each Way payout from 45/1 runner-up, Phil Mickelson.

At 1 point Each Way level stakes, that’s a total outlay of just 4 pts – and a total return of 50.25 pts. Giving an overall profit of 46.25 pts.

To £10 stakes, that’s £462.50 profit.

To £25 stakes, that’s £1,156.25 profit.

And remember – when we get those payouts, we’re getting them at BIGGER odds than they ever should have been – because we only ever bet at value prices...

In my analysis before The Open 2016, I’d said that I had Mickelson rated as value at odds of 40/1 or bigger (a best price 45/1 was available). And I described Stenson as an “auto-bet” at anything above 28/1 (he won at 30/1).

The same goes for Mark Selby in the UK Championship snooker. Identified as a value bet opportunity at a top price 8/1, when my analysis had him down as a 6/1 chance. A 1 pt Each Way bet produced 12 pts profit – turning £10 stakes into £140 profit, and £25 stakes into £350.

You can see the profit potential with this approach...

This is YOUR chance to cash-in...

Following my exclusive Ahead of the Market advice, you can make money from these bets, throughout the year.

No matter your level of betting expertise or knowledge...

Sure, you’ll learn a thing or two along the way. I’ll always show my workings and thoughts when on the lookout for the latest value...

But I do ALL the hard work for you. All the research, number-crunching, price testing, analysis – and source the best odds with the bookmakers.

If phrases like ‘market inefficiencies’ sound like a different language to you, don’t worry. Your weekly members-only emails will be straight talking and in Plain English! The workings behind my value-finding methods may be complex – but my Ahead of the Market service is simple and to-the-point in its delivery.

And for every winning bet – whenever and wherever they come – even from modest stakes, you’ll be collecting decent payouts... £140, £350, £462...

I’m NOT promising to put a Ferrari on your drive, make you rich overnight or set you on your way to owning your own tropical island. But Ahead of the Market WILL alert you to little-known value betting opportunities, all year round, with the potential for significant and consistent returns, long term.

“How much is this going to cost me?”

My Publisher has a reputation for value-for-money, honesty and great customer service, and with Ahead of the Market I aim to further enhance that reputation.

Ahead of the Market membership – with all my bet advice, research and analysis included – won’t cost you a fortune.

In fact I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Many services and ‘tipsters’ want £400/ £500 plus a year (I’ve even seen one who had the nerve to ask for over £1,200). Even the most reasonable seem to be asking for a minimum of £30 a month which works out at £350 a year.

Ahead of the Market has been designed to be used by professional and recreational bettors alike and the pricing matches this. The most anyone will be asked to pay for the service is less than £120 a year.

But I have a special offer for you today...

Claim your 50% DISCOUNT...

Finding value will deliver winning bets. It’s the only way to beat the bookmakers, long term. But it does mean we don’t know when an individual bet will win. You have to take a long term view. You can’t try this for a week, and whether we’ve won or lost, know what the service is like.

You need to sign up for the long-term, see how I perform over the course of several months – a year even. And only then can you truly see what Ahead of the Market can do for you. But I can’t ask you to pay full-price when you haven’t yet seen it for yourself yet...

So, I’d like to offer you a 50% discount. Join today and you can get all of my bets and analysis for the next 12 months, for just £59.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

But I don’t want you to think you have to take anything I’ve said on trust. Even with this amazing 50% discount offer you are fully covered by our cast iron, no quibble, three month Money-Back Guarantee.

Three months gives you time to really get a feel for the service. And as I’ve mentioned – we don’t deliver ‘overnight’ winners. It takes time for bets in the ante post and outright markets to come to fruition – by their very nature.

Within your first three months you’ll be building up a portfolio of ‘open’ bets – all at value prices.

And if, then, for any reason, you aren’t happy with Ahead of the Market, in your first three months of membership – just let us know and we’ll refund every penny you’ve paid us in full. No ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’, no asking you to ‘prove you followed our system’, just your money-back and a thank you for giving us a go.

Join now and claim your 50% Discount >>


Not only can you ask for your money-back at anytime in the first three months, I’d like to give you two weeks to see that everything I’ve said is true before you pay anything. When you first join you have 14 days to check out the Ahead of the Market website (containing all the current bets), receive my analysis and advice by email every week – and make sure you are happy with everything I’ve said before your discounted membership fee is taken.

As I said before, you can’t judge the service in your two week free-trial – that’s what the first year discount and money-back guarantee are for. But you can check out the website, look at the latest bet advice and see how you can start winning money, before any membership fees are due.

Put me to the test – for FREE – for 14 days >>

I look forward to welcoming you onboard...

Best wishes,

Peter Mac

Peter Mac

Ahead of the Market

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