Why this angry punter is finally speaking out


If you're sick of betting 'experts' making IMPOSSIBLE promises and charging SILLY MONEY for 'cannot lose' systems, read on....

I'll show you how to make serious money on the horses and let you try it for three months without any commitment


My name is Nick Pullen.

I've been writing about betting for well over 10 years.

In that time, I've met a lot of different people, from 'professional gamblers' to 'mathematicians', who claim to have an edge over the bookmakers.

While a few of them seemed to know what they were talking about, a lot were talking utter RUBBISH. Their results just didn't match their own hype.

But about a year ago I met someone who blew me away....

He wasn't some self-proclaimed "expert", "guru" or "professional". He was a seasoned punter making good money from his own betting strategies in his spare time.

Which is why he's sick of all the lies, silly prices and impossible promises in the tipping industry.

You see, many betting experts ask for huge amounts of money to follow their "no fail" tipping systems. They'll show you an impressive track record, with big juicy earnings figures of £1,000, £2,000, £5,000 or even more per month.

But to make that kind of profit, they want you to bet with whopping £25 stakes, every day!

And what happens?

Most of the time, the tips run out of steam after a month or two, and you end up out of pocket.

If that's something you've experienced, you'll REALLY like this guy....

The man I want to introduce to you says he's seen more sales promotions for "win-win" betting systems than he's had hot dinners.

And at the age of 63, that's a lot of hot dinners!

He doesn't believe that most 'professional gamblers' make enough to pay for their booze, never mind the lifestyles they pretend to live.

Quite frankly, he's sick of it.

He's no 'professional', but he's been betting every week for almost 20 years. And he makes an extra £2,000 to £3,000 a year from horse racing, while running a carpet-fitting company.

We're talking 20 minutes or less each day spent on betting, for enough income to buy a fantastic summer holiday, pay off debts or put toward a car, mortgage or pension.

This guy liked what I was writing, and (fortunately) didn't class me with the hype-merchants and phonies. So he started sharing his methods with me, and I soon saw he was for real.

As the results came in, I encouraged him to let readers try out his tips. He agreed but insisted that he wanted NOTHING unless you got real results – that is, REAL money in your account.

Which is why you can get his tips for three months, without any commitment whatsoever, and without having to pay big money for it.

We're talking about making £100 to £150 a month - maybe more in a good month - from small stakes.

Yes, it's a relatively small income – no juicy £10K promises (ie. LIES) here....

Only realistic earnings, with very low levels of risk.

Before I explain more, let me tell you how this came about....

Meet Tony Fraser, a man who genuinely makes a part-time betting income, without the hype

If you write about horse racing like I do, you get people who love to tell you how dreadful you are at race-tipping, and how brilliant they are in comparison.

I always tell those punters to go ahead and send me their tips....

I tell them that I'm always in the market for a regular stream of winners and if they can deliver them, I'd happily work with them in the future....

I never hear back from nine out of ten of those would-be tipsters....

The others send a few tips, then go quiet when they start losing.

But VERY rarely, someone makes you take notice.

In fact, in over 10 years of extending such invitations to readers who think they can do better than I do myself, only one bloke has hit the target....

He's Tony Fraser....

The first thing that became apparent is that Tony works in a different way to me....

Like me, he sticks to the handicap races. But unlike me, he targets the races that take place throughout the week – Monday to Friday....

These races are run at courses known as 'gaff' tracks. These are the tracks that host the lower-level racing that takes place on your average Monday to Friday. They’re the races I wouldn't ordinarily look at (class 4 contests, for example) at tracks where I rarely, if ever, place a bet.

I'm talking about the likes of Salisbury, Kelso, Hereford, Leicester, Southwell and Fontwell.

But it doesn't really matter where you play, or in what class of races, so long as you know what you're doing, and you've got a genuine edge....

And Tony really has got a handle on these specific races....

He studies them, he studies the horses that run in them, he knows the tracks inside out, he's got a handle on the trainers and the jockeys....

Plus he understands the distinct rhythms, undercurrents and idiosyncrasies that persist at this level of the sport....

This is the area Tony specializes in. And he knows his onions....

Don't get me wrong, Tony doesn't hit winners every day of the week. But he does hit them frequently enough. And at very acceptable midweek prices....

Bottom line: over a few months Tony Fraser established himself on my radar as a man to reckon with when it comes to gaff-track handicaps....

Join Tony's service today >>

That was when I decided to talk to Tony, face-to-face.

We met at Uttoxeter races. After a good day's racing we retired to the bar. That's where Tony started to put the world to rights.

Let's just say, he's not short of confidence!

He's loud and opinionated, but he really knows his stuff.

I'm just glad that he saw me as one of the few 'good guys,' because a lot of betting tipsters make him furious.

He hates the ones who ask for stupid money – on complete trust – for tips that rely on unrealistically high stakes of £25, £30 and £50 or more.... and with systems that cannot possibly work on ALL races, ALL week.

Because here what gets Tony's goat....

They claim that one betting formula works all week – and that's just not true

A lot of experts tell you their system or formula makes money every day of the week.

But as Tony discovered, this isn't true.

He and his wife run a carpet business. But after years of fitting carpets without proper knee support, he's got a bad back and arthritic knees.

Tony can't get out on the road with the lads and his wife didn't want him getting in her way at the office.

This gave him plenty of time to find something else to occupy his mind. Tony being Tony, what he chose to focus on was racing – specifically the midweek racing.

And the first thing he realised is that systems and methods which work on the big races run at the weekends and at the big Festivals don't work when applied to the midweek stuff.

I know where he's coming from. Lower-class races and weekend races are very different beasts. They require different approaches. I know this from my own experience.

Ask me about a valuable handicap set to be run this Saturday and I'll have a fair idea of what horses will go well and what won’t. But take me racing midweek and I'll have a job to out-perform even a newbie punter.

Yet most tipping services don't even acknowledge there is a difference. It's like they think the midweek racing and the better-quality stuff are pretty much the same thing. But they aren't. Take it from me.

The lower-class stuff is an entirely different game – and that's why after a few months Tony started to target races where the winner takes home at least £7,000.

In races for less than that, you're basically watching the worst horses in the game turn out to see which one is least bad on the day.

Slow horses, Unpredictable horses. Inconsistent horses. Injured horses. Disillusioned horses. Disinterested horses. Horses that should not really be in the game and are only in training because some foolish owner is prepared to fork out training fees for them.

Yes, I would like to make money from midweek racing >>

Then Tony said something else which I totally agree with....

Why most "PROVEN" track records are fictions

Almost every week it seems like another guru appears, boasting of a track record that – if true – would bankrupt the bookies.

These "high rollers" show you their sunny beach holiday snaps and flash cars, telling you to send money for tips which "cannot lose" and which are guaranteed to take the bookie to the cleaners.

They couldn't possibly be delivering what they claim, or the bookies would be bankrupt and there'd be loads of millionaire punters walking around.

Their track records are either cherry-picked for best results.... back-tested based on theory, "here's what you could have won".... or based on impossibly high stakes that normal people don't use.

Which means a lot of proven track records are really a form of fiction. The betting version of Harry Potter.

When these services go live the results you get are usually nowhere close to the advertised version.

"Turn £25 stakes into £10,000 a year!" raged Tony.

"Who are they kidding? Who's actually betting with £25 stakes? Who can risk that kind of money day in and day out?

That's not how ordinary people bet. And if you do, you're going to get ruined!"

To cut a long story short, Tony believes there's only one fair way to go about running a tipping service. It goes like this. And, for what it's worth, I can't disagree with his vision....

You should see 100% undisputable proof that a tipping system works....

....in REAL LIFE, with REAL PROFITS....,

before you commit a single penny

Tony told me he wanted to produce a unique betting service, focusing on midweek races and designed for the kinds of affordable stakes that he believes real punters REALLY bet with during the week.... With a proper trial period that would give real assurance....

I told Dave Gibson, my Publisher. We arranged a meeting where Tony reiterated his plan – and Dave gave it a provisional green light....

I knew Tony could deliver. I've been exchanging racing notes with the guy for well over a year and I respect his views. The guy knows his racing. And I don't say that about every racing punter I come across.

Dave is a professional guy. He's been in business for years. He won't just publish anybody or anything. There's a standard that must be met before Dave will put his name, the reputation of Oxfordshire Press and his money behind something.

I get that. I went through the same process when Dave and I were discussing him publishing my service – more than ten years ago now. That's the way these things work. At least that's how they work most of the time....

The problem in this instance is that we were dealing with Tony Fraser – a fully paid-up member of the awkward squad. He wanted to get started publishing his service yesterday. The idea of waiting months for things to get going, while his service was 'proofed' almost had the old bottom lip quivering....

Forced to wait, I knew Tony wouldn't go ahead. He'd either look elsewhere or try and do it himself. And for a guy who needs instructions to turn off the bedside lamp – let alone work a computer or deal with email – I knew that would be a disaster.

In the end, I had a word with Dave, told him that I personally vouched for Tony Fraser. I told him I'd bet Tony's selections plenty of times following phone conversations. And that I am more than comfortable with what Tony Fraser can do.

I told Dave it would be better to steam-on ahead and let YOU test the service – but without you having to make a financial commitment....

And then Tony said he would personally refund any customer who didn't like his service – at any stage during their first three months. Customers wouldn’t have to give a reason, prove they weren’t making money or anything. Tony would just send them all the memberships paid since they joined.

In other words, nobody can possibly lose out....

Well, not only did Dave agree, he said that Oxfordshire Press would underwrite Tony’s guarantee so that customers would have complete peace of mind....

Which is why I'm delighted to offer you a place on Low Roller, with a trial that will last for three months....

See how much you can make from stakes as low as £2.00 per day.... £100, £150 or maybe even £200 a month. More, if you want to up the stakes a little....

And if you're not satisfied for any reason, you won't have paid a penny for the experience.

Why Tony is proud to be a Low Roller

The Urban Dictionary defines a 'Low Roller' as a "gambling expert who is not extremely wealthy or showy; a casino regular who makes enough to know the manager and get by."

That's Tony, through and through!

And he's proud of it....

By betting small stakes, Tony will never need to look his wife in the face and say he's lost their pension fund, needs to sell their car or has to cancel their holiday.

On the contrary – Tony's 'low roller' betting PAYS for these things every year.

So, if you're tired of hopping from system to system, wondering why 'track records' seem to have no bearing on how much you make, I'd like to offer you an invitation.

Join Tony and see how midweek racing could make you money. You won't have to bet large stakes (unless you want to), the service is designed for the modest punter.

You won't win every time. It's important to remember that. But this service is one that isn't afraid to seek out a nice midweek price – and when the winners come in (10/1, 11/1, 14/1) they frequently do so at prices that more than make up for a few losing bets....

Tony Fraser always backs his selections as straight win singles or straight 1-point each-way bets – depending on the price (and he let’s you know exactly how he’s betting them)...

But's that's just how Tony bets his selections....

You are free to back his selections any way you please – the way that suits how you like to play the game....

Tony has readers who play to singles. Others back everything each-way.

It is your choice how to play the selections. It is each to his own. Your choice will depend on how many points you want to bet. And how you like to go about things.

As part of the service the results will be published showing how the selections have performed exactly as Tony has advised them....

If Tony advises betting a selection win single, we record the results that way. If he recommends going in each-way, that’s how we record the result. We keep it simple....

But how you play is your choice. Do whatever you are most comfortable with. That's Tony's primary advice....

Become a Low Roller member today >>

This will annoy some other betting publishers, but I don't care

They say money can't buy happiness.

Well, maybe....

But it can buy you a weekend in Paris or Barcelona. It can take you to nice restaurants. It can reduce the stress of bills and debts.

It's hardly like the government or the banks are going to make life more affordable for you, or reward you for saving your money.

So, you may as well do something to help yourself.

With sensible betting you can have fun and supplement your income with an extra £40 to £50 a week – all from home, all in your own time and all TAX-FREE.

Not a fortune, but enough to make a nice difference to your quality of life. Enough to finance a few treats. Enough to pay a bill. Enough to put some extra spending vouchers on the hip.

But for pity's sake, don't send your money to 'gurus' who cherry-pick figures and tell you to bet multiple £25 stakes per day to chase £5,000 a month that you'll never actually make.

They use big stakes to 'produce' big winning numbers they can put in their promotions to lure you in.

It means they can justify asking for £30, £50, even £99 or more per month for their tips.

It doesn't need to be that expensive!

Which is why Tony is determined to undercut all of them and show you what can be done with FAR less cost and much lower stakes – without compromising potential profits.

His service is called Low Roller, because all the bets are tailored to require small stakes (of course you can bet more if you want).

And you can try Tony's tips for just £2.50 a week.... that's less than the price of a fancy coffee....

But Tony doesn't even want you to risk that small amount.

Join Low Roller and if at any stage during your first three months you aren't happy with Tony's service, just let my publisher know and he'll refund every penny you have paid in membership fees.

So don't just take my word for Tony's horse-picking prowess. I rate the guy. I've seen what he can do. And I'm happy to stick my neck out and to vouch for him.

But you will want to find out what he can do yourself. So, review the service and paper-trade the selections – safe in the knowledge that you are covered by Tony's no quibble money-back guarantee for three months.


The Publisher's Promise

We Want You to Be Delighted with Tony Fraser's Low Roller

So, we'll Put Our Own Money on the Line

My name is Dave Gibson, M.D of Oxfordshire Press. We've been publishing newsletters and books for over 15 years. Including starting Nick Pullen's Horse Racing Focus in 2007 and his current Against the Crowd service.

Despite publishing Nick all that time, this is only the second horse racing writer or tipster we have ever published.

That's because we are extremely picky. We believe there are too many dodgy tipsters out there. Over-priced publishers seem to roll out a new 'expert' almost every month. Each with glowing track records and big money promises. They can't possibly all be of a high quality and we think that's a shame.

We are old fashioned publishers, who value our customers and have pride in what we do. We would only ever introduce a new betting expert if we believed in him.

Tony Fraser is the real deal. We love how he's honest about his methods and uses low stakes that ordinary people can afford to risk. I'm delighted to bring his tips to you today.

You can take these tips and use them for three months, with my full money-back promise. If you’re not happy for any reason you can have a full refund of all membership fees paid within your first three months.

Dave Gibson

Dave Gibson - Publisher


Test out Tony's tips with the only real 100% proof you can get....


Today you can take Tony's system and see how it works without commitment. Take the Low Roller service for three months and only pay for it if it makes you the kind of money you're looking for.

Remember, it comes underwritten by Oxfordshire Press, who are offering an iron-clad promise to refund you ANY time within your first three months of membership – and for any reason you like.

You could be raking in £100s a month from Low Roller and still get a refund.

Oxfordshire Press are publishers, not tipsters. They have published my work for over ten years and in all that time, they have never published another horse racing writer.

They are very selective. In fact, it is over five years since they introduced any other writer to their readership.

Tony is in good company and I have no doubt whatsoever that he will prove himself to be an excellent addition to the Oxfordshire Press stable of betting writers.

I'm so confident that will be the case that I’m happy to go public with my belief. I wouldn't do that for just anybody. To recommend a new writer to my long-term publisher, I must see something that both convinces me and excites me.

Tony Fraser and his Low Roller service tick both boxes. And I’m happy to go on record saying it.

Here's what you'll get on a trial basis

Join Tony and Monday to Friday, you will get an email by 9.30am with details of that day's bets, including the bookie with the best odds.

He'll tell you what to bet on, with some very simple instructions. You don't need to do any research or number crunching. You get everything you need in a simple email. It takes less than 5 minutes to place the daily bets....

No, you won't win with every bet recommended. But over time you will make steady gains – and sometimes spectacular gains – that add up to a useful sum of extra money.

And you can rest assured that Tony is never going to ask you for anything close to the silly money other tipping services ask for as a matter of course these days - £30 to £50 a month that probably won't make you £50 profit even if you put down the massive stakes they routinely recommend....

Low Roller membership starts at just £2.50 a week – this truly is a service for someone who wants a chance of winning some good money without re-mortgaging the house or selling a vital organ....

Tony wants to make Low Roller the most affordable tipping service on the market. But I should point out that the £2.50 a week price only works as an annual fee.

If you want to pay quarterly or monthly, it will cost a little more – because it places more of an administration burden on the publisher.

But remember, you have three months to test this service to destruction. You get to discover exactly what Tony Fraser and his Low Roller service can do before you commit any money. And if you don't like what you find, you can ask the publisher for a full refund – no questions asked.

Click here to join Tony's Low Roller today >>

I'd urge you to give the Low Roller service a go without delay and hope you'll be as impressed with Tony as I am!

Kind regards,

Nick Pullen

Nick Pullen

© Oxfordshire Press 

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