About Us

If you’ve taken the time to click through to this page, and believe me most others won’t, then you must at least be interested enough to want to know a little more - or you really have very little to do at the moment and idle curiosity had just got the better of you.

In either case, thank you.

If you’re thinking of making a purchase and you want some reassurance about who you might be buying from then an even bigger thank you with the added hope that nothing on this page deters you from making such a wise decision.

However you came to be here, welcome to the brief story of MHM Shopping.

Essentially MHM Shopping is the sister site to the metahealthmonitor.com, or MHM as I like to flatter myself that it will become known in the fullness of time.

MHM is a digest of health news and advice harvested from specialist and mainstream media sources.

You can find out more about that over at www.metahealthmonitor.com .

In the course of researching my posts there I have come across all manner of products and all kinds of people who use them.

Some are very convincing, others much less so, but all have led me to believe that – whatever I may think personally – there is enough evidence, both anecdotal and empirical, to suggest that we can sometimes help ourselves stay healthier by using some of nature’s own medicines.

Only recently one of my children was told by our doctor, and I mean your standard NHS local surgery GP, to dress a wound she had suffered with padding soaked in Manuka honey to help the healing process.

Other close to me have clearly benefitted at various times from mineral and vitamin supplements, again recommended by clinical physicians.

So I remain very open minded on the subject of complimentary medicines, suspicious of any overblown claims but well aware of the good that the more rational products can do and increasingly conscious, as I write the pages of MHM, of the success they have had.

The single benchmark test I feel must be applied is that these products must be 100% natural and 100% safe. Those two claims cannot always be made for most of the high street versions of these products

So although I am no doctor and have no medical training, I have done my homework and met and come to know suppliers I trust with products I feel totally confident in offering to those who wish to use them.

I can’t and won’t be prescribing specifically for any individual case or condition, I would not dare to do that, but I will be reporting on the findings of the scientific community.

The ultimate aim of MHM shopping is twofold; firstly to offer a reliable, high quality online outlet for a wide range of naturally produced organic health and lifestyle products; secondly to make enough profit for me to be able to pursue my interest in healthcare and work full time on the MHM website.

The second goal is much less noble than the first, but from a personal perspective equally important to my own future health and wellbeing – that is according to Mrs Benson anyway.

So please try our products, tell your friends to try them and come and visit us regularly both here and on www.metahealthmonitor.com .

We try out best to inform, entertain and offer high quality products and service, all underpinned by a commitment to honesty, goodwill and the pursuit of collective happiness.

Thanks again for your time, now go buy something.


Ken Benson